Beer, Guns and Bikes....YES in that order. BDAC FO LYFE.

After I was done washing the bike, we went for a nice long ride. We stopped here for lunch and some beers. It's a place on Walnut Island called Barry's...great little place. Apparently, from what Barry told us, this started out as Outer Banks Bike Week sponsored by the local Harley dealer, but he got in a little spat with them, so now there is the Outer Banks Bike Week and the Outer Banks Bike Rally that happens at the same time. I could give a shit less about a "Bike Week" or a "Bike Rally," I was just looking for a new place to ride. My parents love going to every Harley dealership they can find. They have been riding for years, but they still get all dressed up in all Harley gear before they get on their bikes (that's them standing next to their dressed out rides). It's pretty funny sometimes, but whatever...and I admit, I collect t-shirts.
MMMMM...Yuengling. They don't sell that here, so I drank as much as I could while I was there.
Gettin' my sun on before we go out riding again. It was nice to see the sun, since I had just finished tax season and had translucent skin. I'll post the rest once I get them off of my phone.

We got the my parents house in the Outer Banks (Duck, NC) on Wednesday the 16th. Here are a couple of views from the back porches.

The next morning we woke up and took their 6 dogs on a walk down the beach. This place is awesome.
I had to unpack the tools I brought with me so I could throw some in the bag that Tim Quick (Outlaw Custom Seats) made for me. I had redone a bunch of shit on my bike and literally finished it the day before we left. I would hate to be 9 1/2 hours away from home with no tools, so in a drunken fury (April 15th party the night before) I packed ever tool that I could fit in that little Crafstman bag.
Washed up the old bitch for a day of riding. She looks good at the beach.

I am testing how to upload images...once I get it right, I will post up a shitload of pics I took on my Blackberry from my long ass vacation. Here is a little sporty chop from the show at Vertigo Tattoo.



The BDAC...

Drinking beer is fun. Riding motorcycles is fun. Wrenching is fun. Eating meat is fun. Shooting guns is fun...if you are here, then you probably think so too.

I don't really have anything profound to say...I just thought I would put up a site where people could enjoy some pictures of the misadventures of me and a few other folks.

I also got my buddy Teeters on board to post shit.