Whoa Nelly...

Form over function. Why not just buy a tractor trailer? You'd actually be safer and you wouldn't need all of the doo-daddery present on this rolling barge. I think I'd rather set fire to my butthole than be confined to a life of riding this 1000lb. LED accessory lighting catalog.
On the other hand, all of this stuff may have actually come from the accessory aisle of a truck stop. If there's a CB and an airhorn I'll know that this thing was adorned with quality items hand-picked from the shelves of the local Love's station.


Old Dude...

Went for Ironhead parts and scored some goodies.


Growler Town

My buddy Richard is opening a growler store in Atlanta and asked me to do a logo for him. Here is the first of his printed bottles. Nice to see my work out there. Nick from the Haints helped me with digitizing my pencil and ink art.


Drink good beer...

I've probably posted about Chimay in the past and will again, but it's not often that you stay at a hotel where they serve full size bottles like its no big thang. God love the Belgians.

So I ended up in Utah...

Long story, but good beers. Cheers mofos. Spaten Optimator is a staple double bock.


Engine Magic

So I have been putting together an S&S 107"
Johnny Cash style for about 3 years, as time
& funds allowed. Then like a fart in the wind
about 3 weeks ago a complete 107" pops up
on ebay for a good price & I  bought it. Looks
to have low miles so a tear down seemed
wasteful (and to stop bleeding money) I decided against it. I would have loved to mill the heads
for 11:1 and port but settled for a Leineweber E-7.
The cam pic is of the E-7 & the stock S&S 520.



Sportster mag...

Back from Morris and ready for the XLCH.


Happy Valentine's Day...

You're super special to me...especially since you're probably the only person who reads the blog anymore. How's that for personal sincerity?


FoMoCo 1970 LTD

This is one we just picked up.  Cherry 1970 LTD.  Was found in a local estate only 30K miles on her.  390, 2 barrel,C6 with factory A/C!  Also 8 track player with the C.D.B.  I am thinking a trip to Grand Canyon.


iPod blaster...

Beretta Nano 9mm. Something for the women folk.

Good beer...

Dogfish Head's Robert Johnson's Hellhound. Good beer is always better. Drink good beer.


Lost in translation...

You remember that kanji tattoo you got that actually means "diarrhea?" Well, sometimes shit works the other way.



A rubbed taillight wire discharged the little ballistic battery in the Shovel, so I decided to basically redo stuff to make sure nothing like that happens again. Wiring tends to scare folks, but it's nothing to fear and gets easier with practice. Dig in.

120" Monster...

Larry T posted a pic on the Jockey Journal of a complete Harman 120" kit. I have no idea who had this in NOS condition like this, but it's definitely badass. I don't even know that I'd want to run it as much as just have it as a piece of history or garage art. Look at those jugs!!!


How do you sleep at night...

I remember when this came out like it was yesterday. People who were diehard industrial fans thought it was a slap in the face from Al Jourgenson, but being a metalhead it was a little more my speed. I enjoyed it better than their prior efforts.


Big monkey...

I see this guy on the reg again. Nice to have him back for the weekend beer drinking, cycle wrenching, and gun bullshitting session.


Good beer 2013...

The first time in the fifth year of this stupid ass blog that I've decided to inform anyone who even reads any more of the fantastic libations that manage to dazzle my palette. This high gravity (10.3% abv) beast has a sweet taste with a malty smoothness. God love Sweetwater and the Dank Tank lineage. Cheers from the BDAC.