Peanut Butter Burger...

McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin, Florida has the best burgers...and I dared to try the one slathered in peanut butter last summer...mmmmmmm.

Anyone need a wheel?

Stock 2000-up Harley 21" front wheel. It's in good shape and only has about 5K miles on the bearings.

Old shit...

The Harley before it was painted. Hopefully this one will be gone soon to make room for something that I am chomping at the bit to get.


Not posting shit today...

I'm at home with some sort of stomach virus. I feel like shit rolled in dirt.

Here's a pic I stole from Danny Franssen...it's a blown Harman...and it's badass.



I don't usually post much on here about music, but sometimes it's necessary. I'm listening to Divination by Mastodon...one of my favorite bands of all time (and they're from Atlanta).

I've been waiting on this album to come out for a couple of years now...and the single was just released. I'm kinda disappointed...I guess I've just gotta get back in the Mastodon groove.



Looks like I'll be posting some more tranny building (followed by motor building). A part I ordered from Baker is not in production (even though the rep told me that months ago and even gave me a part number), so I have to basically buy a whole Frankentranny kit...which is everything but the case. They're hooking me up big time because of the screw up, but that just means that I'll have to tear apart this tranny I just built and toss the Baker setup in the S&S case and the Ultima setup back in the Ultima case. Oh well, I'll have a Baker tranny then.

Anyone wanna buy a black Ultima 6 speed Softail tranny for cheap?

Swap Meet...

Didn't find shit worth buying, but saw a couple of cool bikes by Slim's Garage...sorry for the shitty pics. I didn't have my new camera. Check out the Harman on the first one. The second started life as a '51 pan (I personally looked at the motor numbers).



When done right, can look great. Here are some randoms, one from Jesse James, and one from Danny Franssen.


More snagging pics from various places. This tank paint was cool as shit, so I had to take it.



Trying to get this new camera...

Man, learning all of the settings is hard as shit, especially if you're shooting on the fly. This was the sky from my front yard a few weeks back. I thought the cloud pattern looked cool.

Skiing Weekend...

We went to the Boone area for the weekend for a little skiing and a bachelor party. The first 3 pics are from my the view at my family's mountain house (sunrise). The last couple are from the top of Sugar Mountain.


Heading to the mountains...

Going to NW North Carolina for the weekend. I won't be blogging again until Sunday probably because I will be knee deep in snow and Jager.

By the way, excuse Rob's post about Billy's Henderson. He doesn't keep up with shit that's ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

hehehe...have a good weekend.


So a friend sent me the ad to a bike show in Charlotte and on the cover was this custom version of what appeared to be a straight 4 cyl motorcycle. It said Choppers Inc on it so I got to looking. Sure enough, here is what I found:

This is awesome, I'm glad there is at least one other person out there that likes the old stuff. I hate that he used a BMW trans but I'm guessing it was an engine with the rear chopped off to put it in a plane (somewhat common for these motors I am told) so he probably had to come up with something. I am well aware that parts for these are not plentiful or easy to access!

In any case, it's inspiration. I have a 1918 version of this same engine. The things holding me up are, firstly pistons, second a frame/wheels/seat/lights/brakes/etc. I'm pretty sure if I can get the first thing then I can make the motor run and from there I can build a frame and acquire the rest as I go. Pistons are so hard to find, and I don't have any originals to base off of, that I'm kind of stuck....

But it's still good to see what can be done, even if I am pretty jealous the guy beat me to it!


Inspiration III...

I've been contemplating a sissy bar for the CFL Shovel and, as always, I was looking for inspiration.


CFL Shovel Rollers...

PM vintage (19x2.15 front and 16x3.5 rear) with Avon Venoms (110 front and 140 rear) stopped by Brembo four pistons on PM rotors. Taken with a Blackberry camera phone which explains the shittyness.


Doodling II...

This is the kind of thing I was talking about. Tim Conder illustrated this bike before Jesse James and Ron Simms built it about 10 years ago.

I have friends who paint bikes, but I actually asked Tim if he would paint my CFL whenever it's ready and he said he should be able to...now if I can just finish it.

100 posts and a baby in a bathrobe...

I'm still getting the hang of my D40, but I had to take this picture. This shit cracked me up.


Tranny Building VI...

The next step is to line up and install the shift drum. Since I'm building this tranny from pieces and am doing it how I want, I opted for the N1 shift drum from Baker. This drum actually changes the shift pattern from first, neutral, second, etc. to neutral, first, second, etc. (hence the N1).

By the way, Jason Hallman from JR Cycle Works is my Baker hook up. He is the man.

Once you get the dowels on the forks lined up with the grooves in the shift drum, you can seat the end caps of the drum on the locating dowels on the top of the case...then you can bolt in down. Don't forget the you have to pull up the arm on the pawl and align it with the rods on the end of the drum.
Now you can install the oil seal on the back (left) side of the case. This seal helps keep the oil from the around bearing in the case so it's not all over you primary. Also, you can notice the small rubber o-ring that goes over the main drive gear. The seal is a slight interference fit, so a few taps from a rubber mallet will seat it with no problems.
Now you can install the aluminum spacer.
Alright, there is just a little bit left, but I need to have the top cover redone (color change) and am waiting on the last pieces from Baker.

Tranny Building V...

Now that all of that's done, the shift forks can be reinstalled. You have to locate the flat surfaces on the gears to place the forks. The forks go in first then the rods.
The shaft for the forks on the mainshaft slides in from the back (left) side of the case.

The main forks are first, then the countershaft fork next.

If you notice, the rod has a head on one end...that's the end that helps keep it from sliding into the case. This goes into the trap door on the front (right) side of the case.
There are allen plugs that help seal and hold in both shafts.

Tranny building IV...

Been a while, but I'm waiting on some parts and have been using that as an excuse. Irish Rich was giving me shit the other day and saying how he wanted me to finish so he could see what I fucked up...he said that because I called him an old bastard or something.
First off, I didn't ever make the tool to press in the main drive gear, so I just took the lazy way out and had my buddy at the Harley dealership pop it in for me real quick.
If you notice on the gear, there are needle bearings on the inside. I almost fucked those up, but that's a whole different story.

Now we can install the gearset and trap door. Don't forget your gasket...notice the two dowels on the side?Those dowels help locate the trap door, but cause a slight interference fit. A few taps from the rubber mallet, the trap door and gearset is seated.

You can bolt the trap door on now...there are four larger allen bolts (15/16") on the bottom, and two smaller on the top (1/4")


Blown III...

...and as soon as I posted that last set of pics I sign onto the JJ to find this thread about a blown Flatty.


Blown II...

For some reason I got on the kick of researching supercharged Harleys the other day.


A little shooting....

OK, so I did make it to the range a week ago and I took a crapy phone pic of the target. I'm finally remembering that I need to post it while in reach of a computer so here it is...


produced this with these @ 100 yds :


I've been thinking about changing a few things on the shovel CFL before I finish it. One thing I was thinking about was the bars and the shifting. I love looking at Tim Conder's drawing and Jeff Wright does some cool shit too, so I did a little doodling to see what I would think of the new bar setup...

I need a scanner.

Irish Rich's White Heat

Twin Cam, 5 speed, Brembo contols, Tokico brakes, hand made mids, Primo primary...all in a custom made CFL frame. Badass bike. It can be seen in the intro to History of the Chopper.





I think I took this from the JJ. An example of a very clean shovel from Trent. Dude makes some quality shit and is a friend of a friend (Xian). Atomic Custom