Gotta love being sick

I worked on my bike this week after getting tangled up with Eric. I had every intention of having it ready to leave this morning to go to Anniston with a shitload of folks...too bad I caught the FUCKING FLU!!! Thursday at work I started feeling like shit and pretty much haven't stopped since then. Instead of being in Alabama, raising hell and drinking beer, I am sitting on my couch going from sweating hot to freezing cold. Awesome.


Nothing to do with Motorcycles, guns, or beer, but...

Last night Mikey and I went to the Mayhem Festival. Mastodon ruled ass like always & Machine Head put on a helluva show while I stood in the rain. I fucking hate Disturbed, but they had the crowd pumped up. The real reason I went though was because of Slipknot. I have been listening to them for 10 years, yet I have never seen them in concert. I finally got my opportunity and it was well worth it. I will post pics whenever I send them from my phone.

Set List:
The Blister Exists
Get This
Before I Forget
The Heretic Anthem


CFL Shovelhead...

Finally got over to Mike's to work on my bike some today. It's about halfway mocked up now.


Garage bar...

The kegerator finally came in. To get it to flush up against the wall, I had to run the gas into the right side cabinet.