Last post for the weekend...

and I'll make it about music. The new Lamb of God is good, so pick it up and listen to the track called Grace.

As of right now though, and for the past couple of months I have been gravitating towards more Southern stoner metal. Don't get me wrong, I've been listening to it for years, but I started digging a lot deepera few months back. If you want to hear something that can be listened to while you fish, fuck, fight, drink, or smoke dope then pop in some Sixty Watt Shaman or Halfway to Gone.

Click the little box down on the right and you can hear All Things Come To Pass by Sixty Watt Shaman.

Before I die...

I'll own an '83 FXR.

Monster Garage...

I never watched that show when it was on because I had no desire to see shit cars turned into shitty things, but every once in a while I'll catch a re-run. I remember hearing about the episode that had Don Hotop, John Reed, Keith Ball, Carl Morrow, and Mark Rowe on it. I never got to see it, but I do know that Greg Cook that owns New Orleans HD owns the bike that they made.


Baker Lexan top cover...

Jason sent me some pics of the Baker lexan top cover. He's in Daytona right now working the Baker booth.

Booty call...

7:30 AM EST...I get a text message while I'm in the shower from some random number I don't recognize. It reads, "It's wet still on?" I turn around to look and see that it's still wet outside and think, "Hmm, I've told someone I'll do something and forgotten about it. I'll figure out who it is and try to remember." I text the number back with, "Do what?" Then I call to see if it pops up from my address book...nothing. Oh well, I'll just leave it alone.

8:02 AM EST...I'm getting ready to walk out the door on my way to work and the phone rings. I'm talking to my wife who is holding my 9 month old son. I look at the phone and it's the same number. I'm finally going to get to the bottom of who this is and hopefully remember what I've promised them, probably after dousing my liver with fine Belgian beer.

Me: "Hello."
Girl: "Greg?"
Me: "Huh?"
Girl: "Is this Greg?"
Me: "Nope."
Girl: "Sorry. Bye." *end*

After a second of thought before my morning coffee it dawns on me...THIS CHICK WAS LOOKING FOR SOME EARLY MORNING STUFFING FROM SOME DUDE NAMED GREG! Hilarious...and here I stand in front of my wife telling her this story of how I'm getting random booty call text messages before work.

Out I go to get on my bike and it's still raining...the weatherman said it'd be sunny. Fuck him.

This one's for Cap'n Cornhole...

and all of the guys at LTTP

I got this from Harley corporate. It looks like things are bro-tastic down in Daytona.


1971 Super Glide...

It's like a bulldog...so ugly it's pretty.

Randy Smith...

and his marvelous machines. Irish Rich wrote an article about him and CCE in Greasy Kulture magazine a while back that was very informative to those of us who weren't there.


Wanna listen to some metal?

Good, go get Lamb of God's new album, Wrath.


A few more pics with the macro lens...

Some of the shovel...and one of the garage bar.

Working with the new lens...


Picture Pages...

I got a new lens for the D40...a 50mm f1.8. It takes great portraits and I was messing with it last night. I caught Daisy, Boss Bailey, and Jakey boy with it.


Funny sites...

Work sucks today...here's some shit that makes me laugh:
F My Life
This is why you're fat

Slipknot pics...

Taken from a Blackberry because of the burden of dragging a dSLR into a concert.


Tranny building...again...

A little three way call with Jason and Baker Drivetrain today solved my dilemma regarding the 4th gear shift fork. Pretty much the long and short of it is, the threaded part of the rod that the 4th gear fork goes on needs to be back out through the front of the trap door. Prior to talking to Kim at Baker, I would've never seen this hole at all, but once I got to digging around, I found it. You have to back the threads out enough to get the fork on, and then thread it back, making sure to apply blue Loctite to the end of the threads so it stays put.
If you look, you can see the threaded portion of the rod coming through the front of the trap door...this is the same rod that is by itself on the bench in my last post. An allen key or T handle will fit into it, allowing it to be threaded out.



I've been thinking about them a lot recently, which meant I had to snag some pics for the Blizzog.


I was at Slipknot last night...

Wait and Bleed
Get This
Before I Forget
The Blister Exists
Dead Memories
Left Behind
Everything Ends
Spit It Out

Pretty Long set list, eh? They played for a good while. I'll edit this with pics in a little while.



We went to The Vortex for Valentine's Day...they have some of the best burgers in Atlanta, as well as some of the weirdest. I have always wanted to try The Elvis; a burger topped with bacon, a healthy serving of peanut butter, and fried bananas. Typically I eat pretty healthy, but sometimes you've gotta eat the nastiest shit you can find.Outside, behind Junkman's Daughter there's some cool graffiti. I particularly liked Homer Simpson hopping off of Voltron.


More tranny building...

A little kicker arm action.I had to press in a new main drive gear obviously, but since I don't have an arbor press here I took it to Frazier's Harley Davidson down the street from my house. I've got a few friends there, so they hook me up. After that, it was time to slide in the gearset...it will most likely need a little persuasion from a rubber mallet to slide over the dowels.
Bottom 4 bolts in...13 ft/lbs.Top 4 bolts...9 ft/lbs.Time to start putting in the forks.That's when I ran into a little problem. The 4th gear fork doesn't wanna go over the shaft...time to get a hold of Baker.I took the gearset back out to see if anything could be done about the fork...the shaft could be unscrewed from the trap door...that has to be the answer. If you look at the picture of the gearset bolted in, you can see that the trap door on the Frankentranny is a shitload wider than the standard Softail trap door (it needs to adapt a 4 speed clutch cover to a Softail case). Since that's the case, the shift rod over the countershaft isn't inserted from the front like a Softail...hence the problem with the 4th gear shift fork.

Starting over...

Hydraulic Baker kicker cover...in anodized black:Kicker shaft being inserted...make sure to put a little tranny fluid on it to oil it up. The bronze bushing and o-ring were already installed from Baker, but the shaft washer had to be put on...chamfered side in:The kicker gear...It needs to be installed on the shaft with the dowel in line with the keyway on the outside of the shaft.Pop on the washer with tabs and the bolt...it needs to be torqued to 30 ft/lbs and then the tabs needs to bent up. Don't forget to toss a little blue Loctite on there.The return spring stay has to be threaded into the outside of the cover. Pretty basic, a little blue Loctite and 110 in/lbs will do the trick


Alabama Thunderpussy...

I still wish they hadn't broke up. That's good, ol' fashion beer drankin' music.

Another pic I took...

Inside the garage. I'll be busting my ass on the tranny this weekend so I can get a post in for the "Winter Project" contest. I know I'll never win against some of the other folks, but fuck it.

Stolen from the JJ...

This was posted on the JJ, and a discussion ensued regarding the fact that some people just "get it."

I laughed at some of the folks who didn't.


Tranny build/rebuild/overbuild II...

Next I had to had to unbolt the trap door...same shit as before.The gearset needs to come out, and since it's been pressed in on the dowels, it needs a little persuasion. I smacked it on the output shaft with a rubber mallet.Pull that sumbitch out.
There's a retaining clip on the end of the pawl where the shifter goes. Take that off and the washer behind it.That'll make it possible to take the pawl out completely.If anyone is actually reading this, sorry that I didn't give more specific information, but between the other posts I've already made and this one, I'm kind of beat with it. I'll get more in-depth when I do the rebuild with all of the Baker goods.