The Smoke Out...

I missed it this year. With a three week old at home, rain, and a birthday party the night before I had planned on leaving, I just decided to skip it. I found some pics on the JJ though that cracked me up. Someone actually took pictures of Cobb's bike and two that Bubba (http://www.twistedthrottlechoppers.com/) built.

Cobb's bike:

Bubba's two:



My buddy Seth invited me over tonight to look at his garage full of killer parts. I need to raid this shit. He was trying to figure out what kind of intake to run on his '57 Pan. He apparently has an original S&S velocity stack with bell cover as well as a REAL DEAL Roth bird deflector (with Roth cast into it by Randy Smith from CCE). Fuck, I gotta take pictures of this shit.

His everyday ride is a '74 Shovel in a '52 wishbone (with flattened downtubes for the horn).



It's what I have been doing to this site, and it is what I have been doing to my CFL...change is inevitable.