Another fucking bike night...

Here is Tim Quick, owner of Oultlaw Custom Seats. He made my tank panel and tool bag for me. He also made this Shovelhead. Look out for it in The Horse after The Smoke Out.

Here's the ugly mother fucker Cobb again.


Finally got to ride the R1 to work today. I was excited about finally leaving the car at home and saving some money on gas. I get about 5 miles from the house and the bikes fuel light comes on haha. So much for that.

It was a nice ride into work, had an altercation with a new Z06. After he caught up I gave him a thumbs up, those are really nice cars and I'm not really a "domestic" type of guy. I'd own the hell out of the 2009 Dodge Challenger though. Hmm.

Saw some disheartening news about a 22 year old guy and a 20 year old passenger that died last night while running from the cops. It's just sad really. Senseless to run. If they get you for speeding who cares, pay the ticket and do what you need to do, grow up, they got you and you had it coming. I'm guessing these kids thought Georgia had a no pursuit policy until the pursuit began and by that time they were screwed, so it was get away or die trying. Well, you didn't get away. I don't get it. I don't ever do anything stupid when I have a passenger on the back especially. I may cut loose now and then but its always within control and not to show off, its becuase I enjoy it and it feeds the adrenaline a little bit. I've also got the race license to back it up and probably over 200+ hours of on-track experience. This isn't about me though. My heart goes out to the family of the girl that died, it surely wasn't her choice to run, I bet she was scared for her life the entire time but thought "It could never happen to me". Poor thing. Rest in peace.

This weekend looks boring again. Time for beer and movies and some riding.

Teeters out.


Give me some head!!!

Just for the fuck of it...a little pinstriping. This is my e'ryday helmet:


Welcome Rob...

Since Rob brought up guns, I'll show some too. Here's my carry piece...Walther PPS 9mm:

Compared to the size of the bear paw:

No riding tonight....

So it's pretty crap weather tonight which means the new bike will have to stay in the stable tonight. Instead I decided to partake in some other beer drinking adventures. I'm sampling some of Trader Joe's house brand beer, this one is the Vienna style and quite good stuff. Also, my belgian ale is in the keg now so I sampled it a little as well. Not quite mature, still a little young in flavor, but should be pretty good with another week or so. I went shooting the other day so the Kimber is due for a little cleanup as well. Tomorrow should be better weather so we'll get back to some riding!

So here's a thought....

I haven't been out on the R1 in a little while. It's going to be a year old in August and it just turned 1200 miles. I haven't been making the 1 hour commute to my office on the bike lately, I've been driving my car. I'm standing at the pump today and have an interesting thought as it closes on the 70 dollar mark.

I scan the sky all around me and notice how it doesn't look like rain one bit. In fact, it is clear as can be and a light blue sky as the sun comes up. I start to realize that I put way too much stock in the weather man. I mean, I've raced in the rain, why am I not interested in riding in the rain?

My thought progression continues. Due to the weatherman telling me it was going to rain today and most of the week, I left the beautiful blue R1 power monger in the garage. I left its fuel efficiency behind me in order to stay dry. That doesn't make much sense as my money is far more important than my clothing lately.

I think the weathermen around the world have a deal with the fuel companies. They tell all of the world its always going to rain or have "scattered thunderstorms" so a lot of riders leave the bikes at home in leu of less hassle and more comfort.... This, in turn makes them drive their cars, use more gas and thus continue to drive the price of fuel upwards towards the stratosphere.

Probably just a conspiracy theory, but it sure could hold water in a Mel Gibson movie.

Guess its time to buy some rain tires.

Suckerpunch Sally's...

I like the bikes these guys make for themselves. They just come out clean as shit. Here was their entry in The Smokeout last year.



Sometimes it's best to show your friends how to drink some fucking beer (even if you have to start them out small)!


We went to the Harley drags this weekend. It made me want to start doing this shit...especially that Ironhead!



I have had a hankerin' for a CB to chop up recently. I have seen some pretty badass bikes on the Jockey Journal, but those kinds are few and far between in my neck of the woods. Last night I was at a bike night (I know, I know but the place serves Terrapin Rye on draft) and a dude pulls up on this. It's a 1973 CB750 Super Sport. The guy said he bought it new...awesome.


Brian's Busted Lip...

Gettin' sucker punched is a mother fucker...so is gettin' stitches:



Zach Saligoe from Atlanta Monster Cycles held a bike show at Antigua Tex Mex on Sunday. He bartends there on the weekends, so he tried to put something together. If nothing else it was a good excuse for all of us to get together and drink beer...like we need an excuse.

Bikes on display from Nasty Cycles and Atlanta Monster Cycles (get the fuck out of the way, Brian):

Here's Brian and Cobb's dumbasses. Two of my number ones. They work at Wicked Ways...you want paint done, that's where it's at. Brian's got a busted lip right there. I will post more on that later though.


Dammit, I need to pay better attention to this place...

Here is my homeboy Rob's new toy. He just picked it up a couple of weeks ago.


Beer...It's What's For Dinner.

I went to Williams Sonoma the other day to get my mom a Mother's Day present and I ran across this book. I went ahead and bought it. It gives a lot of info of breweries from all over the world and tells you which regions particular beers come from. Beer+learning=drunken fun.


Nothing since last Wednesday?

I haven't posted a damn thing because I have been like a cat covering up shit since I got back in town.

A guy named Danny Franssen from Belgium builds some of the baddest ass Softails and I stole this picture from a thread on Jockey Journal because I think the paint on it is badass. I hope Danny doesn't mind.


McGuire's Irish Pub...

If you ever go to Destin, stop in to this place for food and beer. They brew their own beer (2 kinds of ale, a stout, and a porter) and have EXCELLENT food. They also offer a drink called the Irish Wake that is supposed to put your dick in the dirt. I thought I would give it a try.

The large green cherries are no match for the bear paws:As far as the food, the have a variety of shit...I thought I would be bold and try the Peanut Butter Burger. That's right, a 3/4 lb. slab of cow in between two buns covered in peanut butter. Everyone thought it sounded gross, but I passed it around the table and to everyone's surprise it was a hit. I will have to make my own now.


Thunder Beach Bike Week

I have been in Destin, Florida since last Friday. I decided not to bring my bike at the last minute because of the lack of time I would have to actually ride it (and various other factors)...and I am kinda glad for that. Although I do love going to bars and laughing at the weekend warriors who show up with their H.O.G. vests and do-rags, I believe I am better off staying away from those folks this weekend.

BTW, if you are ever in Sandestin, go to the Fat Tuesdays at Baytowne Wharf and see a bartender named Glenn. Ryan and I had a helluva time their this past Friday night thanks to his generosity.



Random thought....

Jon Bon Jovi...kiss my ass 2

Here you go, Bon Jovi...a group that truly deserves praise. The fathers of metal:

Jon Bon Jovi...kiss my ass.

This has nothing to do with anything, but about 5 or 6 women at my office either went last night, or are going tonight to see Bon Jovi. I watched a nearly 60 year old woman act like a school girl about that hair model. She was talking this morning about how he came over to her side of the stage to sing two songs and she could see the sweat coming off of his half-emo/half mullet head. It about made me want to throw up. Then she told me about this t-shirt she got that has an American flag and a motorcycle on it. Hilarious. Add in a shotgun and some apple pie and that thing just screams "America...Fuck Yeah."

Really though? Bon Jovi? Given, they had some great songs with Wanted: Dead or Alive and Blaze of Glory, but what the fuck have they come out with in the past 15 years? Nothing. Especially not enough to justify selling out Philips Arena two nights in a row. Can you imagine the slew of cougars that have swindled tickets in hopes of knobgobbling that bunch of burnouts?

Even better is the thought of him rolling in on an OCC and declaring his bikerness (yeah, I made that up). Awesome. "On a steel horse I ride..." I bet.

So this next beer's for you...kiss my ass, Jon Bon Jovi. You are no James Hetfield.


Dammit I HATE Hayabusas.

Ok, seriously, if I have one more person ask me about a Hayabusa I'm going to tell them to wait right there. I'm going to drive down to Suzuki, buy a Hayabusa, go home and put on my leathers and then go back to where the person is. As I'm coming up to them, I'm going to ride it straight ahead full speed at a brick fucking wall and jump off. After the bike crashes and explodes and mayhem rains supreme from the skies, I'll get up and explain "That's about all they're good for".

The new 'busa' has a 1340cc motor putting out something like 200 horsepower AT THE MOTOR, and probably around 160 at the rear wheel, give or take. It weighs 550 pounds wet. So you do the math. The average 1000cc bike, take the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 for example. 440 pounds wet, 189 horsepower in the motor and 155 at the rear wheel, give or take. It weighs 100 pounds less and is only shy by MAYBE 15 to 20 horsepower. That weight difference doesn't include the 700 series tire that all the busa owners seem to be buying (yeah becuase that looks good....?) or all the chrome SHIT that they put on the jap sportbike. it doesn't even include the 14 foot stretched swingarm or NOSSSS bottles they strap to their ass. If you think "Hey, those will be comfortable on long rides!" GO BUY A GOLDWING.

You only buy one of these big lumbering giants for one of 2 reasons.

1) You are a professional drag racer and want a good platform (FOR DRAG RACING) right off the bat.
2) You assume that just because you have a sticker with a bigger number smacked on the side of your bike, you have the fastest bike on the planet and therefore the biggest dick.

Correction, you ARE the biggest dick. Engine size doesn't mean shit. Just becuase the bike has an extra 10 miles an hour top end over any 1000cc bike people think it's the end all be all motorcycle. Well guess what, I wanna see the average Joe hop on a Hayabusa and carry their ass up to 170 miles an hour (NOT ON THE STREET) and see if they have the balls to twist it the rest of the way. At 186 miles an hour you can stick your helmet out of the bubble to one side and the bike will TURN becuase of the drag. People simply do not understand what modern sportbikes are capable of. A BRAND NEW 600 has 115 horsepower tops at the rear wheel and will outrun 99.7% of modern production cars in the world. Is that not enough? The new Yamaha YZF-R1 travels from 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds and 0 to 100 in just over 4.5 in first fucking gear. Is that not enough??? The Hayabusa isn't "quicker" than ANY of these bikes, it just gives you the ability to touch a "REGISTERED" 200 miles an hour with minor add ons. Ohhh, which by the way. On a motorcycle, the faster you go, the more inaccurate your speedo is. So a registered 200 is probably only about 185. Sorry to break it to you guys.

News flash, the Hayabusa is uglier than a bag of assholes, its heavy and an over-hyped bike that people who can't make decisions for themselves buy just because it's a "Hayabusa" and has the biggest number on the side of it.

Teeters OUT.