Little St. James...

This motha fucka owns his own island.
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What's left of my hometown

This is what's left of exit 350 off of I-75, my hometown what you are looking at used to be from left to right subway, BP, ramada, waffle house, Mcdonalds, Shell station.

See all you fags this weekend.



So I hope that all our buddies in Alabama are okay and safe, along with our buddies in Tennessee also. This storm was pretty ridiculous by the time it made it to us. I have a tree down in my yard and we didn't get the brunt of it. Just keep the south in your thoughts today especially our folks in Alabama.



The last couple of months have been enough to put me in a funny hospital. I needed some away time and this is where I am...

Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of the BDAC. Things have gone in a direction that I never imagined...and in a good way. I hope we can stay on this path and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to everyone who tunes in.
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Next Project...

I am already think beyond the Triumph cause I know the end result in my head. I wanna do a ironhead kinda bad me and J rod have discussed it. Oh yeah Jessica Biel has a nice ass!

San Francisco...

So I went to San Francisco for about 4 days. Cool city, first time I have ever been there. Lots of sick ass roads for two wheels to beat around on. Glad to be back in the south though. If anyone is riding out of Atlanta to the Dice party saturday we are leaving my casa around 8am to meet all of our southsiders at 9. So hit me up if you wanna ride with us.

Timebomb Tuesday...


Don't forget...next weekend.

It's looks like I won't be there, but the rest of the crew will be. I'm thinking I might end up in the nut house before then, so enjoy a beer or seven for me.


Sushi lunch...

Completely pointless food post, but it was delicious. I feel like Homer Simpson on the donut machine in Hell.


Happy 420!!! April 20th, a day recognized as the holiday for setting fire to as much marijuana as humanly possible. A day that if I ran into myself 10 (or even 4) years ago, the old me would be baked out of his skull. I remember celebrating April 20th in high school, but in college is when it became a holiday as important as Christmas. We would fog entire apartments and townhouses with the best green Athens had to offer and would use everything from blunts to homemade vaporizers. Those were the days before things like house payments and picking up the kids from daycare had made their way into my thought processes.

Now I like to think more about the possibility of legalization. Although it seems that it's becoming more or less decriminalized for small personal use quantities, it's still illegal on a national level. The ignornace behind that is unreal, as the effects aren't nearly as dangerous as alcohol, some studies show THC to be an anticarcinogen, people such as cancer patients and glaucoma sufferers can use it to help ease their pain or help with their appetite, and the possibility of its aid in America's disposal of national debt are enough for even the most bible-thumping of Conservatives to consider it. I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw a couple people get in a fight because they'd smoked too much weed and were feeling tough?

That's not to say that I'm condemning alcohol. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I love to imbibe in the spirits and beer itself helps keep me out of a padded room. If the cheeba cheeba isn't on your social plan for today, then consider your other option. Local Atlanta brewer Sweetwater makes a Pale Ale named for the call sign of pot smokers everywhere. It's one of my favorites for kicked back drinking events (like tailgating, bar hopping and bullshitting) and it's made in America (even better, Atlanta) so you're supporting a local economy.

Burn something, crack open a Sweetwater 420 or just cuss at the government for refusing to legalize a possible economy saving cash crop. Either was you choose though, enjoy your 420.


Timebomb Tuesday...

This is what I feel like right now. Haven't been home in Four weekends so my days are filled with chores and not enough motorcycle time. Fuck it! Bang your head. Head out west again. See you at DICE!


Tax Day...

Thanks to action of the inconsiderate Mayor of Washington, DC, the deadline for non-extending tax returns is today, April 18th. It should've been Friday, but that's another story in itself. Here's some funny shit to make the bending over a little less painful.

Stolen pic...Monday?

That Panhead is badass...and this other long one that I snagged from the JJ is pretty sweet too.



Off to Chattanooga today with Nick to go see Lucero. Excited to see Ben and the boys put on a killer show. Went riding with Nick last night trying to get all the bugs out of his bike before Dice. He did a real jamb up job on this sporty. Happy friday !


For Nick...

Juggalos vs. Crunk Ass Easter...

Thanks Eric.


Timebomb Tuesday...

Stoked about the Dice party in a few weeks. This song was the reason for my Tattoo last party the Haints threw. Hope everyone that wants to make it can, I can't wait to see all our Homies. Cheers!


Up for some air...

Thanks to the fine people at Baker, my trans got back to me last Monday. There have been a couple of issues with my particular trans, but their customer service department and James Simonelli's knowledge are hands down top notch. James, Scott and Chad worked with me to resolve the issues and I'm about ready to roll again. Luckily I had time over the weekend to get it almost buttoned back up. I'll be riding again this week (thank God).

I too enjoy the pictures framed from the ground, Jeff.

Obligatory picture...I mean, we are the BDAC, right? Just read the shirts, bitch...

The beer fridge is looking lighter this time of year, and yes there are a couple of bitch beers for the ladies and some Bud Heavy for the neighbor, but otherwise she stays stocked with a nice variety...the really good stuff is elsewhere though (and yes, that's paint in the bottom drawer).


For sale...

Redneck Chopper Getting High frame. 8 up 5 out 43 degrees. 250 rear sold as a roller no motor no trans. Last pic is a bike that we painted a couple years ago but that is what the look like together. Nice long bike if someone is in the market. Make a offer.

Frame Swapping...

Took two long days. For Shit Falcon this is how I do it buddy.


From Flounder with love...

Apparently they're having a contest in his honor.
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Turf war...

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Highway Delight

Working on a machine off of GA-85 in the worderful town of Hapeville, when upon my surprise I look down & see a dildo container. Now far be it for me to look down my nose at anyone buying a fake weenie but you have to wonder what story goes with this little fellow(or big fellow), this is a median on a major 4-lane highway in a pretty getto part o'town. Working in some not so hot area's around Atlanta ya find some interesting items laying around, so I will start snapping some pics. Feel free to make-up your own story line & post it up.

Here's Your Inspiration

If your looking for inspiration this is the

coolest Knuckle I've seen in along while

built by OneLow Custom Cycles in Japan.

To me alot of the Japanese bikes look

alike , but this one just kinda speaks to me.

Trying to get inspired...

Too much work and too little free time have made me less-than-inspired to do anything with motorcycles. I basically go home to sleep and am right back at work when the sleeping is done. I was off for 48 hours (literally) last weekend, but was in Gatlinburg for Waylon's wedding. Only 12 more days though and I get some relief. There is some fun shit coming up too, so I'm glad for that.

I found these somewhere, at some point.



Congrats to John & Casey sorry we couldn't make it, but it looks like a good time was had by all who did.

Good Weekend...

So the wedding went off with out a hitch. We got to stay in some nice digs. The house is listed at 4 million and had a elevator that Dills was riding all night. Hung out with friends we don't have the pleasure of seeing all the time. It was good to get away and not worry about work or the shop. Here are a couple that were on my phone.
View from the House.
Flounder made it out.
I went and picked up Shitfalcon. He is an expert on duct tape repairs.