My first bike

Well, I just picked up my first bike. 1990 Honda Hawk GT with 16425 miles. Picked her up for $1000 in non-running condition. Turns out all she needed was a new battery. Tossed in a new Deka etx9 and she fired right up. She needs a little TLC obviously, but I'll get her looking right over time. For now I'm just going to focus on learning to ride and enjoy the new hobby.


Leather Work...

I recently decided to step it up a notch on the leather work. Although Tim Quick is a nice guy, I wanted to go for some crazy good leather work. I had been talking to Christian (http://www.xianleather.com/) about another bag and recovering my seat on my Harley. I also wanted a handmade wallet. Well, he is a cool ass dude and has started working on the design to be tooled into the material. I should have the bag in about a month, and when it gets too cold to ride, I am sending him the seat. Go to his website to check out his work. The dude's tooling is insane.
Here is an example:



I have been meaning to post this for a while, but have been kinda caught up.

I mentioned before about how Eric and I got tangled up a few weeks back. Not a big deal, but when it happened my handlebars got bent. For some reason I decided to contact Bill from Unit 1 Parts and tell him what happened. Not only did he get Chris from Biltwell (the manufacturer of the handlebars), but he sent offered to send me a new set for free and warranty the set that got bent! Now I wasn't looking for a handout by any means, but to know that there are still companies out there with this level of customer service is a BIG relief. So many people are dicks these days, but not Bill or Chris.



Rob showed his, so I thought I would show my freak collection. No two are the same, aside from 6 imperial Guinness glasses and 6 imperial Newcastle glasses.

Broadening horizons

   Yeah, I realize it's a pretty crappy cameraphone pic but it's an image of my beer glass collection doubling!  I absorbed my uncle's collection of mainly pilsner glasses but also some really neat others, all of which he gathered while in Germany during the early 90's.  There's a particularly nice little glass in the mix, like a large shot glass, with an outline of berlin on it, the different sectors represented by the flags of the controlling nation.  

While on the topic, I had some people over for grilling on Sat, also cooked up about 10 gals of Oktoberfest so hopefully that will turn out well just in time for a trip to Helen.  I also managed to harvest some hops off the vines this weekend (here's a pic of them early this season)


Oh, and just for good measure, here are some pics of the hound, both as a pup and now... and I realize the floor was dirty that day:



A little change...

A little time, a little money, and a little sweat (a few beers) and shit changes.

New paint...

I haven't had shit to share, so I have shut the fuck up for a while. With football, CPA review classes, and a little one at home, I haven't been out and about that much, but luckily Eric had time to paint my tank and my fender for my Harley while I have been busy. I will take more pics later, but here are some he sent me of them after paint...