Redneck GPS...

My buddy's bachelor party was last night. I wanted to ride because it was a nice way around the backroads of north Georgia. Since there was a chance for rain, and since the directions were all kinda screwy, I took something from the enduro crowd...voila:

Beer and bikes...

Sometimes you have to drink beer...and sometimes you have to rebuild forks.


Servi-cars and trikes...

For some reason I have the hankerin' to build a servi-car framed trike. Something that just looks sick as fuck. I don't know who owns these, but props to them:


Ride To Work Day...

Yesterday was Ride To Work Day. It was posted on the JJ. I thought it was a pretty funny concept...especially since every day is Ride To Work Day for me.


Garage Time Is Fun!!!

I decided to completely redo my garages a few weeks ago. I am not even close to done, but this is what I have done with the main garage for now. This side is the "bar." There is a beer fridge, kegerator, those hanging cabinets store my extensive draft glass collection and the floor cabinet to the right has my CO2 tank and storage for pitchers/large mugs/das boot. The kegerator is being replaced thanks to the warranty department at Avanti, so it will be back in between the two floor cabinets: I epoxied the floor and painted the walls to kinda match. That whole back wall will receive the same Gladiator Garageworks (http://www.gladiatorgw.com/) cabinetry as the bar side did. Yeah...that's an electronic paper towel dispenser.
I need to put up blinds on this side and set up a few more things, but it looks a helluva lot better than it did in my single car garage. Oh yeah, I was changing the oil in my bike, so that wasn't just some kind of posing shit.


Smoke Out laugh...

How did I know that when I saw these pics from the Smoke Out, that I would find one of the idiots in them...and there he is. Brian Jackson to the top right with the Jack Daniels Bandana on.


Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills...

I think I know what Phil Anselmo was talking about now. Jason and Emily decided to throw a pool party last Saturday.

Jason decided to dance (shortly after he realized that it wasn't the smartest idea to challenge me to a chugging contest):

Jason's sister decided to wear Cobb's home made coconut bikini:

Jason had to hose off Chris after he hacked up the 13 Molson Canadians he finished in about 2 hours:

The Cuntry...

When you live in the country, you are liable to see some funny shit. Well how about a compact pickup towing a trailer...a trailer made from the back half of a full size pickup (look left).