Friends in low places...

I has them. Thanks Jeff.

A little over 3 weeks...

Get your rooms booked, put on your drinking shoes...hell, bring the family if you want, but the Ride To The River To Wreck Your Liver, or as Kustom Jeff so aptly nicknamed it, "The Liver Ride," is only 3 weeks from this Saturday. Do I expect a lot of people? Not really, but we will be there and we'll be having a good time.

1934 Ford

This 34 was owned by my dad, bought new in Georgia he was the 3rd owner. He broke the cam in half and we built the new motor in the pics. Right before we put it in the car a buddy from South Dakota had to have it. HE drove out in 3 days and picked it up. Well he put the new motor in it and sent us some pics. I really miss it.


Good Beer Post...

One of my good friends came over on Friday night and we got into some of my stash. Since it's been a while since I've posted anything about good beer, I figured I needed to toss something up. I mean, we are the Beer Drinking Adventure Club and all...

First off, we cracked another one of Terrapin's Georgia Theater Double Feature brews. Now I did a write-up a while back about their Iron Tankard, which was another Double Feature and in the same light was brewed to help contribute to the rebuilding of the Georgia Theater. If you have no idea what that is, then I suggest you look it up because it's a landmark in music history and countless musicians have recorded very well-known live albums there.

This beer is a Belgian Style Dubbel Ale. In the same vein as any good Belgian, it has a sweet taste with just enough hops to counter balance the flavor. It's not bitter or too bold, but will knock you on your ass if you're not paying attention. As will 99% of Belgians, this isn't something that you could sit around and pound 12 of in a night, but the flavor makes it worth sitting down to a couple...and since it's high gravity, a couple will put you in a good place.

Next we cracked open a bottle of Stone 10.10.10 Vertical Epic. An ale brewed with different grapes to add a bit of a sweet flavor, but not in the way that you're thinking. As a matter of fact if I didn't know beforehand that it was brewed this way I would've just wondered why it had such a dry finish. Chalk that up to the fact that wine grapes, used in dry reds are used and it gives it a slight sweetness with that dry aftertaste. It was a good beer and I'll definitely get another bottle. It's definitely not sweet in the same vein as a Sweetwater Blue or Magic Hat #9, so it works for me.

I also went to see my dad up in Murphy this weekend. It had been a while since Big Pop had seen the grandkids, so we took them up for a couple of days. He knows how I am, so waiting for us when we got there was a couple of growlers of Bryson City Brown, brewed by Nantahala Brewing Company in Bryson City, NC. It's a decent flavored brown with strong nut flavor, but unfortunately they had lost a bit of carbonation in traffic, so they were a little flat. North Carolina is really coming up in the beer industry, especially Asheville. I need to go up and stay with Tom so I can tour the local breweries.

I also went to Taco Mac for dinner on Friday night and had a new beer that I'm going to be on the search for. Abita out of Louisiana has brought out a Honey Rye. Being a big fan of Rye beers and hoppyness, I was stoked to try it. It had a good flavor and wasn't too sweet. The hops really helped with that and even the old lady liked it.

I know it seems...

Like I'm spending way too much time on this, but look at the difference between the one that I haven't really started yet and the one that I'm almost done with. I'm doing this all by hand with files, emery cloth and sandpaper as well. I'll be finished with the left one tonight and get cracking on the right one immediately. I haven't been posting much, but I've been working on a few things and am changing pace on the next Shovel build once again. I got a fire under my ass now and It's gonna turn out badass. I had to dig into the parts stash and sell a few things to fund it though (kids be spensive).


FUCK OFF FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Friday again. I am starting to get a little motivation. Hopefully this tech tip will keep the partys going this tweakend.


The weekend...

I spent a bunch of time Friday night working on that one rocker box...once my kids were asleep, I hacked away at it like a 13 year old kid with a new Playboy. It is almost finished, but I'm kinda anal and there are a couple of places I need to hit to make it uniform.

I would've finished the rocker box and got cracking on the other, but Flounder ended up coming down Saturday night and we got together and tied one on. Alan said that he was gonna come out and tattoo us, so from about midnight until after the sun came up, Alan did the late night tattoos in my garage. That's a pretty kick ass experience. I told him that I wanted to do a pic of my Shovel, but I wanted him to add his touches. He did a wizard, lightning, snakes, the whole nine. His classic, fat line, biker trash style of tattooing is really cool and it's always great to have a friend do work on you. It went right up under the BDAC tattoo that Alvarez did for me at the Haints Xmas Party last year.


I love old Indians. I was reading the morning cycle news and came across a suprise on Irish Rich's Applied Machete. The Indian Lover. I posted an article Friday before last and there the two were again. HE apparently knows the bike and it's owner. Take a minute to have a look.



Decided to go a little further...

Almost finished with one. these should do just fine...
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Got some...

Shouldered aluminum goodness...
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Ambient Stoner Sludge at it's finest. This shit is awesome. Thirteen and a half minutes of mind melting shit...



The new album will be out soon...stoked.

These things are titties...

Dave sent me some progress pics...

Stolen pic Tuesday random...

I might've even posted this before, but I like this bike.


I still love them...

Trying to move stuff out, but some stuff gets moved in. I scored this Super Glide tank on eBay for a song. It has a couple of dents that can be PDR'd out, but the paint is halfway decent in a person and with a good buff it could be a cool tank.

Stuff for sale...

Aris dual rectangle headlights...great glass, shabby chrome, $100 shipped.

Sifton RE112 Shovel cam, $50 shipped.

I think I'll put up more here soon. I like my stock pile, but know that there are some things that I will never use.


Here comes my sweetness...........

This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Stolen from The CC.



Fuck Off Friday

Ok I have been slacking. I have had no motivation lately. Since the post of things being watered down and all I thought I would finally step up and post some pics of gnarlers and there putts. Thats what its all about right? Maybe this will help me get going again, I am sick and tired of all the day to day B.S. Did my parts come in? When will they be there? After I have told them 100 times that I will let them know as soon as it arrives. Will these chrome parts give me more H.P. Can I watch and help so that I can learn? That's too much, will it be cheaper if I order the parts online and you install them. New tires and tubes and go ahead and service all fluids with syn., the primary chain is slapping, tighten that to( The tensioner was broken in half)Do you think we can use the old primary cover gasket? Then when they come to pick up. Oh I didn't think it was going to cost that much, I am going to sturgis and wont be able to pay you the rest until I get back..........or the other guy, Puts his FXDWG under a car on thur. bike night drunker than shit. Comes in moaning the blues, got to have it finished for next weeks bike night. Needs all the tins painted and worked, with 16 apes,cables,lines. Get it ready and guess what, Oh man guess I will have to make payments.
When I need something or want something I pay for it no jewing or beating the price down. If the price is off I walk, no telling them it's cheaper somewhere else or whatever.
Anyway I will be diggin up articles from my stash of old ER's Hope yall enjoy. And SUPPPORT YOUR LOCAL BIKE SHOP. I AM SURE THEY NEED EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET.

Hell yes...

Almost time.
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What the hell am I gonna do with this?


Too cool to not repost...

Taken from Le Container. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't start earlier with my three year old on two wheels.

Looking for...

A real deal tombstone tail light. Real Harley glass and all. Show me what you've got.

I'd also like to find a set of shouldered rims...just the hoops. A 19x2.15 and an 18x3. I don't care if they're stock, Akront, Borrani, as long as they're 40 hole and in good shape.


It's made of PEOPLE!!!

I've been playing the shit out of this album (Confrontation). I love me some Soilent Green.

I'll have plans finalized and do a Facebook event page for the RTTRTWYL on Monday.

I just looked at that acronym and think we should call it the Rottweiler for short. hahaha...I'm stupid and it's Friday.


Helen, GA...

Okay, since this is a spur of the moment thing, we're going to kind of limit the whole event to a Saturday (September 24th, 2011) ride to Helen with Saturday night drunken partying and then do whatever you want on Sunday. Since the ride into Helen from different places varies around different badass roads, I'll try and set up routes so that everyone knows the good roads to take. I think we'll be hanging out on Friday night in/around Atlanta though, so if you wanna come down/over/up early then we'll try and make it a weekend thing.

And obviously if you wanna drive a car, that's fine. You can zip around the roads in whatever you want and have a good time. Whatever tickles your fancy.

There are several places to stay in Helen and the streets are pretty heavily enforced by the local popo during Oktoberfest because they know that pretty much everyone is there to get shithoused. Since this is a short notice event we don't really have much time to plan anything as far as blocking off motel rooms or such. The closest campground is at least a couple of miles outside of town, which if you wanna brave it, that's fine.

Here are the campgrounds:

View Larger Map

On the other hand, there are several decent priced motels in town that can accomodate larger parties. We booked rooms at the Quality Inn just on the back side, near the river. It's a decent place, in a well-lit and populated area and for a double queen room it was $189 a night after taxes and bullshit.

Here are the local motels:

View Larger Map
We are staying at the Quality Inn, which is D on the map and has about the cheapest rates for a place within stumbling distance of the bars. Most of the good stuff is around La Piazza right downtown (Old Heidelberg is the best for German stuff and they have a "meter of ale"). There are a few outliers, but we can get to that after we get there.

Rooms fill up pretty fast for Oktoberfest, as well as campgrounds. Whatever tickles your fancy, go ahead and book. If you want to be safe and get hotel rooms, start emailing me and I'll see if I can get a group rate at the Quality Inn. Let me know ASAP though because they'll be gone pretty quick.

The more people there are, the more I'll dig into this thing and try and make it badass for everyone. As I said, I don't plan on hiring bands, having a bike show or any of that shit, but I'll glad get some stuff to give away, do some t-shirts or stickers or beer glasses or something...

And if it turns into something pretty cool, we may start doing this every year and look into being more organized. Oktoberfest is a cool event and there is plenty to do there, so it can be whatever we make it.

If you plan on coming, try and email me and so I know about what to expect. Nothing formal or anything, just so I have an idea.



Ride To The River To Wreck Your Liver...

No big rides are happening this fall...there seems to be no RFL this year, everyone seems to be getting closer knit within their groups instead of hanging out with others and everyone seems to be over this whole blog adventure thing.

I say to Hell with it...let's ride. I'm working on a tentative date for the weekend of September 23-25 to do a riding trip...no bands will be hired, no Knuckleheads will be given away, but there is plenty of beer to be guzzled and plenty of good roads to ride.

Every year from around the end of September to the beginning of November a town in North Georgia named Helen throws a big Oktoberfest. This whole town is set dead square in the mountains, on a river and has an Alpine village theme. There are bars galore, plenty of weinerschnitzel, spaetzle and knockwurst to make you sick for a few days and it's close enough that the local critters make their way out of the surrounding areas to offer good entertainment. So what say we make a Ride to The River to Wreck Your Liver and enjoy the scenery of the Georgia mountains, the German beer of Oktoberfest and hopefully some non-scag women dressed in beer maid outfits?



This totally reminds me of someone. I'm not sayin' any names but his initials are J-Rod......................Jarrod's a fatty.



They're doing a VIP access Meet & Greet and show in Atlanta on Friday September 23rd. Who wants to go with me?