Past week or so...

 Painted some loose parts.
 Got Waylons bike almost finished just gotta cut and buff it.
 VW chop gone WAY wrong brought to the shop to redo.
 New Italian made Air cooled spot and lap welder. This thing rules.

 Chopper porn
 Matts board tracker is so awesome!
 Matts friends pan
 Chopper gold
 Fxr made it in cycle source before our days together still cool.
Dyna is getting a front end rebuild.

Aidan Has a Posse....

Aidan Jack Seeger son of Bob Seeger Jr. and Elisa Seeger who own Indian Larry Legacy passed over the night. I have been keeping up with Aidan and his fight with ALD since I first heard of it. It hurts my heart to see a young kid such as Aidan have to deal with something such as ALD. If you wanna donate in his name send donations to.
If you would like to donate please send to:
Kennedy Krieger Foundation
707 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Att: Dr. Gerald Raymond
In Aidan's memory.
Dr. Raymond has dedicated his life to research for ALD


Im done...

... at least for the year. Jockey, if you see me please
dont cut me off, its taking some time to master.


And sometimes...

You catch some barracuda


Don't hold your arms out...

When you're jumping off of the boathouse...


You've gotta forget about bikes for a few days and get back to basics.

Product of Barbados...

Brewed in rum casks. Looks like a St. Ives bottle.


Timebomb Tuesday...

So I have been so busy its insane. But i get a break this weekend gonna travel and see my boys in a few states and go see some friends at the same time. Can't wait if you know me you know a Lucero song is not far away. I need to stay home and paint but ohhhhhhhhh well fuck it we only live once. Cheers! Dills see you saturday Tom see you friday night.



Back in the frame and ready to roll. I'm gonna be out of the country for the next week, but when I get back, I've got a couple of things to do to the bike and then I'll be rolling and ready for summer.


I've never wanted a beer quite so badly!

The power of persuasion I guess?



Happy 420...

57 58

lucky enough to have people that look out for you. Saved me some greenback. 0nly set me back a little over a bill. going to need a little work but i got big plans. what a bargain
57 58 tanks
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Billy Word

with all this shovel talk i had to post the new one we are working on. should have it finished in a few weeks.
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Im not a sissy...

..i just have one now, finished up my ridged mounted finder that i took off the front, and formed my own sissy bar. Its not the best looking but i made it.


Somehow we reached 100K views...

Thanks for looking...it sucks, but you still looked.

Getting it right...

Retracted because the people at Cometic did right by me.


Pay that government, son...

Tax day...pay money, argue with postal workers, drink beers.


Back together...

Working on installing mag and when head gaskets get here, she'll all go back together. It'll be nice to ride a fresh bike again.



A little valve lapping...

Trying to clean up the seats before reassembly

If you haven't heard...

No, the bird is not the word...but the new High On Fire rules, and my favorite song off of it...just listen for yourself


If the shit fits, wear it...

I watched this movie at the lake the other day while I was grilling burgers. I haven't watched it probably since my freshman year of college.

This is the only version of this clip that I could find. I love this line though...


Timebomb Tuesday...

Going to see these Guys tonight. Pretty stoked about it. Cheers and don't shoot guns in your neighborhood.


Heads cleaned...

Now it's time to lap valves and clean off the old rocker box gaskets...then it can go back together

Race me mother fucker...



Some people need to take his advice.

Seriously though, this was on last week's episode and I almost cried because of the way he said, "Fah-GOTS!!!"


Tell 'em Rammy...

This ain't no Carramrod...

Shit on a shingle...

Cleaning off a piston dome...I'm bound to make it go back together beautiful.


Nuff Said...

So I just got done dicking around with the shovel and reading a bit of the new Cycle Source in which the dyna is in. But I read a article that Lemme wrote and it talks about the hipsters of our culture. Its a plague but something we have to deal with. I am happy to have a great group of dudes here in good old GA that are as real as they come. We are who we are and love our scooters and when its all said and done I can call on any of these fools for help and they are always down. Thats what its about not the boots you have or the flannel shirt you wear. So to all my BROTHERS thanks for kicking ass. The boobs are nice so I added them just for looks cause we are ugly.