All finished up...

Regulators mounted externally because of space inside of the kegerator. I kinda dig the ability to adjust them externally though. 

The casing around the media rack got finished up and once I mounted the second coldtower fan, I was able to cement the pipe and give them a good fiberglass wrap.

A little festive message for the upcoming Holiday season on the chalkboard.

Here is a picture of the whole bar now that this project is complete and all cleaned up. Now I need a new project down here. I'm debating what to do next.

Gotta grab some favorites for the break-in celebration. Stone IPA and Terrapin Hi-5.

After a little dialing in, I think that we have some good pours. I'm glad this is over with, but it makes me want to keep doing cool stuff like this. Cheers!


More progress

I had always wanted to frame up that media rack. It was finished on one, but the back side looked all cobbled together and hacksawed. I decided to do casing and frame it so that it matched the already framed up kegerator box.



In an attempt to make sure that my keg box project is working properly, I placed a glass of water with a thermometer in the box and cycled my cooling system for 9 hours. At that point, the glass of water was roughly 53*. I am going to give it more time to see what comes of it and to determine whether or not I need to run a reversion system. 


Most ridiculous kegerator setup ever...

Piping almost complete. I had to make some PVC parts fit and find a proper flange that I could use a gasket on. Now I have to bolt it down, solvent weld the piping, and wrap it with fiberglass wrap. All pretty easy and should be complete tonight. I also routed the beer lines and the Coldtower line so that the whole system stay chilled continuously. Hopefully I won't need a return for a short setup like this, but we will find out once I have completed this portion and do a temperature test. I've tried keeping everything sealed and insulated to minimize sweating or hot spots. I may be going a little overkill, but it's better to do it right the first time, eh?


Last leg of this race...

I'm down to finish work and plumbing into the kegerator. This has been an interesting project to say the least, but it has also given me the bug to do more projects like it. I haven't been messing with bikes or cars or anything for a while, so having something to tinker with is kinda nice. 


Almost there...

The front is about finished and ready for action. Now though, comes the hard part of finishing and plumbing the tap box. Everything should be golden, but Murphy's Law has reared its ugly head before.


Gettin' crazy with the cheeze whiz...

Moving along on the tap wall/bar project. I built a chalkboard over the taps with chalkboard paint and some of the same strips of wood used for the wall. The backsplash is done, but the tap system is still being constructed. I am using a cooling fan to push air into the box from the kegerator itself, but I wanted to make sure that it didn't sweat through the MDF tap box or where the shanks run through three layers of wall. I sprayed it all with rubber coating after I caulked the corners of the box. I then layered it with insulation tape, then 1" foam insulation, then another layer of insulation tape. This should prove to be effective in keeping the box and lines cold so that the beer doesn't foam up. I am shooting for the being done in the next week or so and I am pretty close as it is, but I just need to tidy everything up and make sure that the whole system works. 100% overkill...



I have a bar in the basement that had some dated-looking tile backsplash. I liked the idea of a pallet wood wall, but I found out that there is a company that sells "pre-weathered" wood for that very purpose. After tearing apart several pallets, I just opted to buy a couple of boxes of that wood and save the trouble of cleaning/sanding/staining pine from pallets. Here is the progress so far. 


Meat log...

Sometimes you have to make seven pounds of raw meat into a pile of food fit for a king. I present, my meat log.


The old Ford...

I may end up regretting selling this thing, but as time has moved on and my son has gotten older, I find myself having a blast with him and his passion for cars. I love this truck and have enjoyed the shit out of it over the last three and half years, but it only scratches a small itch and I would love to be able to have something truly insane to play with. Motorcycles are my love, but when you have a kid who has a passion for something that you, yourself have been into, then you find yourself realigning your focus. I've got plenty of time to mess with bikes, but I can only really do that alone...and that to me seems a little selfish. Instead, I think I am going to teach him some of what I know and maybe learn even more along the way.