All finished up...

Regulators mounted externally because of space inside of the kegerator. I kinda dig the ability to adjust them externally though. 

The casing around the media rack got finished up and once I mounted the second coldtower fan, I was able to cement the pipe and give them a good fiberglass wrap.

A little festive message for the upcoming Holiday season on the chalkboard.

Here is a picture of the whole bar now that this project is complete and all cleaned up. Now I need a new project down here. I'm debating what to do next.

Gotta grab some favorites for the break-in celebration. Stone IPA and Terrapin Hi-5.

After a little dialing in, I think that we have some good pours. I'm glad this is over with, but it makes me want to keep doing cool stuff like this. Cheers!


More progress

I had always wanted to frame up that media rack. It was finished on one, but the back side looked all cobbled together and hacksawed. I decided to do casing and frame it so that it matched the already framed up kegerator box.



In an attempt to make sure that my keg box project is working properly, I placed a glass of water with a thermometer in the box and cycled my cooling system for 9 hours. At that point, the glass of water was roughly 53*. I am going to give it more time to see what comes of it and to determine whether or not I need to run a reversion system.