Happy New Year's...get wasted...

Or watch your friends get wasted and do shit like this to them.


Posted A Million Times...

This picture has been on every bike site on the internet and if I'm not mistaken, Irish Rich claims to be the one who first scanned it for the digital world (He can state his claim if he wants). Regardless of its origin on the internet, it's still a cool old pic.


He's jackin' his little weenis...


You wrestle with a tire, unlace a wheel and pull off the rotor and sprocket to find this shit...wasted spoke holes. Anyone got a hub they want to sell?
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Last Monday of the year...

It's all downhill now...

Snapped this quick last night. The bike is coming apart finally. I can't wait to have it back together with all of it's new, cool shit. Version 2.0 will be here soon.


FTW Ride-Georgia...

I'm contributing on the FTW Ride Georgia site now. I just did a write up on the Brick Store Pub. Make sure to check it out.


That sounds yummy...

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Selling a bike to someone you don't know...

can't be too safe on Christmas. People are crazy.
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I'd murder someone...

One of my favorites...


Started off the morning right listening to a little Throwdown.


In memory of the LTTP and Cap'n Cornhole...

Watch the dad pretending to mount the mom towards the end. Very classy.

How about some WCC forwards?

Anyone want these? I'm doing something different with the CFL since I opted for the T-bars. They're the FTW forwards (retail $1400) in OD green instead of the black they come in now. They've never been used other than mocking up. I can get better pics if you're interested.

$900 shipped OBO or trade for something else...you never know what I may take.

Anyone want a Softail?

$10K cash. It's been owned by my mom for the past 10 years. It's a 2000 FLSTS Heritage with aboug 23K miles on an 88" Twinkie, full of every shitty bit of chrome you can buy from the dealership. I bet this thing could lose 150 lbs. if you took all of the doo-dads off of it. It's in excellent condition other than looking like a HOG Rally Grand Champion and has been well maintained.


Attn: Chris Hunter...

Chris, the editor of Bike EXIF, contacted me about the swiped bike pic posted on Friday. I took that pic from someone on www.shovelhead.us a little while back so I'm not sure of the owner of the bike, but I did find another picture of it in someone's Yokohama Moon Eyes '09 coverage. If anyone knows who built this bike click the Bike EXIF link on the right and contact the editor.

It's beginning to look a lot like...



Tom Hanks loves Alabama Thunderpussy...

No bullshit...he's a fan.

Swiped pic Friday...



Dirty job...

Cleaned up the combustion chamber on one of the heads last night to see how much carbon I could get off without breaking out the carb cleaner. It looked pretty good when I was done. Hopefully, I can get the majority of the work done and leave just the drilling/tapping, guide replacement and polishing to the machine shop.


More nerd fun...

Found a few vertical scratches to catch my fingernail...time for a hone.

Since I'm honing, I'm re-ringing, so I pulled the pistons for a little clean up, re-ring and a moly coat on the skirts.

I'm gonna pull you apart.

Just like I did your brother. The damn exhaust valve was binding in the guide, so it's time for a new set of those. The person who put this together last also forgot valve seals or a oil screen in the cam case. Dumbass.


Some funny for the Jews...

I had to put some funny shit on here since Nick got weirded out by my nerdiness.

Gouging the Jap bikes...

Harley had to take a stab at the competition back in the 70's.

Harley Market Research...

Things have changed from this to Dark Kustom (you have to use the obligatory "K" to spell it like a douche or an Orcabilly chick).


When I bought my 1980 FXWG, I was told that there was a 96" S&S kit in the motor. It's leaked from the time I got it from the rear base gasket and wept from other areas, but about a week ago it started POURING from the front rocker box, so I knew it was time to put her up for winter and start the total bike tear down since I'm changing most of it.

Today, I was starting to take everything apart and while I was in there I pulled the timing plug to read the numbers on the flywheels. S&S flywheels have a code etched into them that allows you to read the date, what model it's made for, as well as the stroke and diameter. The 96" S&S kit comes with 4 5/8" stroke flywheels and 3 5/8" bore pistons. The code for a 1980 model with 4 5/8" flywheels is XXXXX-6SE, but mine read XXXXX-3SE, so using the instructions on the S&S website, I decoded it to be a 4 3/4" set of flywheels. So since the jugs are S&S and the motor is in a 1980 model, it leads to believe that I was not mislead about the bore of 3 5/8" since there would've been no reason to replace the jugs for the stock 3 1/2" bore. That being said, this motor comes out to 98"...a nice suprise considering when you're wrong on this kind of thing, it goes the other way. That combined with the likelihood of a 9.78:1 CR according to S&S, then I'm not surprised this thing is not the easiest to kick.

Here is the site for the flywheel decoder:

Monday...and I'm still working.

I need to win the lottery.


Cheap Thrills...

Thanks to Mike D at Cheap Thrills & Good Times for the shirts. Check out his blog for some cool shit.


Stolen mufuggin' pic Friday...

Taken from the JJ...probably from Sparetime...from Japan. I think I've posted this bike before, but I can't get over how everything on it works out just right.

More ponderings of a motorcycle junky...

Since I've decided to jockey the Shovel, I've been thinking about a shift knob.

I've got an old Mack bulldog from the 50's that I could use.
I could go Mad Max and do the shrunken head from www.wiseguycustoms.com.
The t-handle isn't ergonomically a good idea, but it looks cool.
Then again, I could do the old white Hurst style and redo the shift pattern on it.


They make great Christmas presents...

I ordered one...murdered out. I'm gonna jockey it too.

If you're interested, email Jason Hallman (jason@cyclestopusa.com). He'll set you up right.


• Raw Or Black Wrinkle Transmissions Available 4th Gear 1.00
• With or Without Primary Ear Available
• 1936-1964 Knucklehead™/ Panhead™ Length Mainshafts Available
• 1965-1969 Late Panhead™(1st Year Electric Start)/ Shovelhead™ Length Mainshafts Available
• 1970-Early 1984 Shovelhead™ Length Mainshafts Available
• BAKER FL™(Bottom Pull), FX™ (Top Pull), Or N1 Shift Drums Available
• 23T Or 24T, 530 O-Ring Chain Sprockets Available
• Chrome Side Covers Available With or Without Kicker
• BAKER Billet Hydraulic Or Mechanical Kicker Cover Upgrade Option
• BAKER FF Hydraulic Kicker Cover Upgrade Option
• BAKER Billet Aluminum Outboard Bearing Support Upgrade Option
• BAKER Cast Stainless Straight Steel Kicker Arm, Stock Length Or +1” Upgrade Option

Product Features:

• Vintage Style BAKER Cast Aluminum (A356-T6) Transmission Case Design To Fit A Roller Ball Bearing For Your Main Drive Gear.
• Case Designed for Traditional Gear Drive Speedo Pick Up And Modern Late Model Electronic Speedo Pick Up.
• Vintage Style BAKER Cast Aluminum (A356-T6) Top Cover With Linear Detent System For Smooth Reliable Shifting.
• Hidden Vent Design Allows Transmission to Breathe through the Top Cover Into The Ratchet Pawl System.
• BAKER Billet Steel Machined And Case Hardened Shift Drum Rides On 4 Permaglide Bushings For Smooth Repeatable Shifting Everytime.
• BAKER Billet Ratchet Pawl System With Hard Anodized Backing Plate And Case Hardened Carrier.
• BAKER Klassic Kicker Gears Come Standard On Kicker Models.
• Vintage Style Cast Mechanical Kicker Cover Come Standard With Early pn 37310-39 Cone Style Throw Out Bearing And 1-Piece Release Rod.
• BAKER Modern 4-Speed Gearset Made Out Of High Grade 8620 Gear Steel; Gears Ride on Needle Bearings Instead Of Brass Bushings.
• Direct Bolt-In Transmission On Most Models, Whether You’re Running A Tin Type primary Or Open Belt Drive.

Gear Ratios:
1st Gear 2.50
2nd Gear 1.70
3rd Gear 1.25
4th Gear 1.00


Found some pics...

These are the only riding pics of me that I've ever seen...and they're from last April or so. It rained like hell that day and we were 150 miles from home when it started. I ate probably 50 lbs. of gravel and rain water.

Sometimes I wish I still had that bike, but I know I would be bored with it.


5 years ago today...

An unstable asshole made a bad decision. R.I.P. Dime.

Putting in a little work...

Getting the carb together and still working on rocker boxes for the CFL. I'll have to stop soon to start working on the other Shovel, but for the time being I'm making progress.


Just cuz you can...

Doesn't mean you should. Can you imagine the oiling problems that front head has?

Sounds like someone's got a case of the "Mondays."


More external drains...

These still drain into the same holes, but don't run down next to the hot ass cylinder wall. I kinda like the idea of tapping the side of the jugs instead of the case.

Stolt pic Friday...

Don't remember where this came from, and sorry if it's yours, but I love a good swinger. That seat is a little too Chewbacca for me though.


External oil drains...

I've been pondering on the idea ever since I did a little tech story for some online forums. I've always thought it was a cool idea, but never realized until recently that S&S made heads that are already tapped for external lines and in 3 5/8" bore, which is the bore of my 96" motor. I won't do it now, but once I'm done with the other motor, why not do internal feed (Jim's kit) and external drain...I'm backwards like that.

Part Deux...


Fun to watch...

What I woke up to...

Last Tuesday morning. I love it there.

Rocker boxes...

I'm still working, but you can see my progress. I'm filling the feed lines since I'll be running a Jim's oiling kit and I've decided to smooth out the edges since there's plenty of material there. I need some better metal files.


Ponderings of a motorcycle junky...

I was on ADV Rider last night when I came across an ad that piqued my interest. A guy had up a late model KLR 650 for sale or trade for an enclosed motorcycle trailer. It had sold before I caught it, but it made me realize...I want a KLR 650 and I have a big ass, tandem axle Haulmark Low-Hauler that sits in storage 355 days or so a year. Do I sell or trade my trailer for a KLR? Then I started wandering further...what if I sold it and got that new Baker 4 speed and some other goodies for the Shovelhead? I really need to have a bike that's done, reliable, and not leaking like a stuck pig before I can finish the CFL, and that would set it off. I had already called that goober Jason Hallman and got the price for the Baker a week or so before, so I knew how much that, a top end, an inner primary, new wiring, and a new clutch for the Shovel would cost. But then again, I really want an early 60's longbed C10 too. Hmmm...


Keeping up tradition...

Enjoy your Monday.