Works just fine for checking engagement depths on drive gears dogs.

Big Booty Hoes...

So the old ball & chain tells me that we're going on a family vacation with her folks this year to the beach. No sweat, her brothers like beer, the kids love the beach, and I don't mind getting away (I like to have a motorcycle with me if I can help it...or at least rent a scooter for that hair in the wind feeling). They hook up a house in Myrtle Beach that's big enough to hold an entire family and all of the shit that you have to haul to the beach with a bunch of germ pod children. A house is booked, vacation days are planned, and here we come...oh, but wait...that week is Black Bike Week. Awesome.
While I could probably have a better time at Black Bike Week than any of the PBR beardfest events that I go to, I don't think it's the kind of place that you parade around a group of 1-4 year old children in search of a quiet beach vacation. I want my three year old daughter to be a strong, independe...blah blah blah, but I don't want her to think that parading around the house in nothing but her princess panties is also acceptible street attire. Not that I have anything against galavanting around town in your skivvies, but as with any retarded guy with a kid of his own you think, "haha, awesome, but I don't want my kids doing it." It has to do with some kind of monkey DNA that is still latent in all of us that also keeps us from eating our children or something...I think I read that on Wikipedia once or something...maybe it was Urban Dictionary...or an episode of 48 Hours that my wife was watching trying to devise the perfect plan to finally get rid of me.
Okay, that was a tangent. Sorry. But, this whole deal got me thinking...we should do a Black Bike Week ride! That shit would be bananas. Who's in?



In The A...

Outkast will always go down as one of the greatest. Since they obviously can't work together because of whatever pain in the ass random shit that Dre comes up with, Big Boi just continues to make music on his own. Like it or not, it's still something for those who love this city.


Been a While...

So I got stoned as shit and started looking through all our old post. I have been away trying to stay away from social media as much as I can and I didn't realize how out of the loop you get being away. I have been dicking around turning the FXR into FXRP, It's gonna be pretty neat. I am working on my old man's T-bucket doing some body work and gonna lay some paint on it. Hope all is well with all my buddies around this great nation. I will try and post some shit on here of some of the projects I am working on. Cheers Fuckers!


New ride...

I had the same truck for 6 1/2 years. I wanted a new ride, but couldn't decide on what to get. I wanted a fast car again, but have to have a truck...so I decided to combine efforts.


Inside Looking Out

Saw Nick's post on Danny Lyons book the "Bikeriders" and had to post.These are just as good. There are 2 of these books so far and the first on is out of print.  this is the second and they are both unreal.  You can look at these shots over and over.   If you want a copy I have some for $30 shipped.  Speeddriven@hotmail.com



Dual Carb Knuck

 I took these pics about 4 years ago at the
Wheels Through Time museum. This has always
been my favorite bike of all, aside from the
hemi head Crocker & the Harley DAH hill
climber. If I remember the story right Dale
made this bike out of a set of NOS knuckle
cases, & the paint was for Harley's 103rd.
Hands down just plain bad ass.

Sexy Snakes

Looking for ideas on exhaust & found this pic
on the RB racing page. Granted there is a big
technology gap between a Ferrari F-1 engine
& a Milwaukee tractor, but any engine is still
just an air pump.  Plus it's just nice eye candy.





 What started out as a mere main seal replacement
has now morphed into a complete tear down.    Plans are to finally finish my 107", mid controls, wheels, exhaust, moving the stator exit location & a lot more small things no one will see but me.

Burned those up...

Not sure how, but whatever.

Das boot...

In a moment of drunkenness, Richie decided a boo of champagne was a good idea.

Beer Drinking...

Well, used to be adventure club, but it's more of a solo effort now. I guess I should get to work. New year, new plan.

Super model...

Well, not really. My dad found this in a house he was selling and gave it to me so the boy and I can put it together. I mean, it's an Evo Softail, but Kustom Jeff will send me hate mail if I talk shit.


An assortment of carry knives.