The BDAC...for life...

When I was 14 years old, I entered the 9th grade. High school was a pretty big deal and seemed like one of the most memorable experiences of my life. You look back on that time and realize that it is a time frame of nothing more than 3 years and 10 months of your teenage years, and by relative standards, that's a substantial portion of your life. I still know people from high school, have fond memories of high school, and know that it's part of who I am, so it made a pretty big impact.

I started the BDAC 3 years and 10 months ago (April 2008). This thing has officially been out there for as long as I was in high school. That's absolutely nucking futs to me, but in the same vein, it's had the same effect. Because of it I've met some cool people, had some great times, and made some lasting memories. In April we'll have the 4th anniversary. Maybe a party is necessary. Either way, thanks for reading this whole time and thanks for indulging me on this insignificant date by reading my drivel once again.

And here is something funny for you...a mugshot of me taken at 19 (nearly 13 years ago).

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Timebomb said...

Its my BIRTHDAY Bitch!