Good beer...

Banana Split Chocolate Stout? That's right, and it was delicious. It wasn't overly sweet, and had a good banana flavor to counter the heavy chocolate flavor of the malts. Very good.

As far as the Sweetwater, that is their 15th Anniversay beer. I remember drinking Sweetwater back in 1999, so I guess that I hadn't considered that I'd been drinking it since pretty much the beginning of this craze.

We went to the Sweetwater brewery on Saturday for the Brew Your Cask Off Festival and had a damn good time. 120 different beers, jalapeno corn dogs, good looking women. It was great. There was a peanut butter banana chocolate stout that I got down on, as well as the best beer of the night to me, a chocolate hazelnut ale called Smooth Brown Balls. I missed the Haints Dojo Party to be at this, but I'll get up with them soon (miss you guys).

Happy Monday.

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JBMFT said...

"Brew Your Cask Off Festival"
Jesus that sounds awesome...jealous.