What the future holds...

For months now this site has been neglected. Hell, blogs themselves have become neglected since their rise in popularity because of the influx of Instagram accounts (nice buy, Facebook). Because of that, I guess the idea of a blog being a cool thing is kind of on it's way out the door. What do I know, I can't believe I can make it this far, since I have trouble even turning on a computer some days. 
I started this site nearly 5 years ago with the intention of it being an outlet for my random pictures and a chalk board for the ideas in my head. Since then things changed from this to that, it grew and shrank, it became something else and then that something dwindled. People come and go and your ideals change over time, but that doesn't mean that you can't get back to basics.
Thanks to all of the people who looked at the site over the nearly 5 years and please continue to read if you find my rantings entertaining. I've got a Pan build that I'll be diving head first into this winter and I plan on upgrading a lot at my home shop before next summer. Maybe I'll do some other t-shirts to sell or give away or set on fire...who knows?
In the meantime, here are some recent stolen pics that I think show some tastefully done, in their own respect, motorcycles.
Trust no one. All things eventually come to pass.


SETHRO said...

Trust is not a weakness

SETHRO said...

Quoted from Mr. Barger

Speed Metal Built said...

It would be a shame if this blog was to go away. I don't call you nearly as much as I should...(my fault) but this gives me the opportunity to keep up with you at times that I cannot otherwise.