The times, they are a changin'...

Whether you're in the "it's about damn time" or the "I can't believe this shit" camp, it doesn't matter. Harley was headed towards water-cooled motors regardless of your persuasion (and to be honest, the latter weren't buying new bikes anyway). The introduction of the 500cc & 750cc, mini V-Rod powered "Street" by Harley was dropped yesterday and I have probably read 30 articles, blog posts, forum threads, etc. on it.
Oh, you want my take on it? Well, look at it like this; it was inevitable. Harley has undergone plenty of evolutionary changes over the years and with every one there has been a little part of what the vintage enthusiasts enjoy, taken away. Switching to alternator motors, removal of the kicker in the 5 speed, the starter itself in 1965, the swing arm frame in 1958, Hydra Glide in 1949, different motor configurations, different frame styles, six-speed transmissions and what I consider to be the nail in the coffin, the entire line's axe to the carburetor. Hell, timing covers themselves have no purpose anymore unless you're trying to hide something really small.
So what's the point of all of that? Well, you weren't going to buy a new bike anyway, unless they completely reverted to wet sump oiling systems and 6 volt electrics. It's always good for an American company to attempt to stay on its toes, so why not let the next generation have something to bitch about in 30 or 40 years ("remember when we had tires?")? When was the last time you went to a dealership anyway, so why be concerned with the newest iteration of motorcycle from the Motor Company?
Now, as for me. I'm also not going to buy one. I have too much time money, love, daydreams, and so on tied up in old pieces of shit that cause my right leg to be bigger than my left and my tools to stay warm. To be honest though, I would like to take one of these and fiddle with it. They're cheap enough that you could get one to beat on and if nothing else, it opens up a brand new market for anyone looking to make parts for something that doesn't already have a flooded market. Hell, I'd buy one and put some Distanzas on it and find some fire roads.
Quit bitching. At least they still make motorcycles.

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