Cheap parts haul...

My Pop calls me yesterday and asks me about some wheels that he's stumbled across at a flea market. I'm convinced that it's a dual flange Shovel 16" rear and a later model narrow glide single flange 19" (which they were). He tells me he's got the dude at $30...well being the horder I am I'm thinking, "Hells yes. Ask if he has anything else." He calls me back a few minutes later and says he got a bucket of shit for $15 more and there might not be anything in it, but he'll take a couple of pics to send to me when he gets home. Well, there is a right side FX mid control, a set of FLH trees, a kicker arm, some fender trim, a kickstand with mount and regulator bracket, sissy bar and other odds and ends. That with the two wheels was $45...not a bad haul, Pop.

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