Good beer post...

It's been a while since I made a beer post. I've been in and out of town and wrapped up in too many projects to post anything worth a shit on here in a while. I promise to get the ball rolling again.

What can I say? Terrapin came out with a beer repping the A-Town to the fullest. A lot of people heard of Outkast when Andre 3000 hit the top of the charts with that "Hey Ya" song. Okay, good on him for stepping outside the box and being himself, but that's not who Outkast is to those of us who have been fans since 1994 or so (and even those that came later and remember the real thing). Outkast had a song song called So Fresh, So Clean. The hook went, "Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm just so fresh, so clean...SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN, CLEAN." Well, there you have the inspiration for the name...

The beer itself is hoppy without being overpowering and has no crazy fruit or sweet hints to it. It is a hoppy beer for people that like that green, fresh taste of hops. Hence the name. I enjoyed the shit out of it.

Next up is Abita's Andygator. Abita is brewed in Louisiana and they have several beers that are well-known here in the south. This one doesn't disappoint and is a sweet, smooth bock. It lacks the blah taste of pungent malt extracts that a bad bock will leave you with and just has a strong, sweet flavor. I enjoyed the shit out of this one too.

This pic is for Nick of the Haints. The Circle of Life.

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