Great Biker Bake-Off...

Okay, so it's not 100% my style, and I couldn't give less of a shit about what he did to "America's Sweetheart" or that shim, but Jesse is a talented dude. Even though he followed a similar WCC protocol with this build, it still has some classic cues that make it a WAY better choice than OCC's Terminator Salvation tank and the PJD's HUMONGOUS (seriously, look how small that Indian Power Plus is in that frame for perspective)airplane theme bike. The handmade springer is drool-worthy and if I knew he wouldn't charge $20K a pop for one, I'd gladly take one of those fuckers.

Am I gay for watching that show? No...I'm gay for all of the hand shandys I've taken from Waylon.

I don't think they could've portrayed Bacon as more of a hapless idiot.

And I haven't watched an episode of American Chopper in 8 or so years...is Junior's shop sponsored by a chocolate and butter covered donut company? Is there going to be an American Chopper/Biggest Loser crossover?

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hooligan said...

Sucks to hear that they made bacon look like a idiot. Never met the dude but it sure does seem like he knows what he is doing. Discovery did similar shit to me when i did one of their shows. They took what i said out of context, used it in another scene and made me look like a jackass. And they also made it look like the tank i built was built by another guy on the show. Fuck reality t.v. There isn't much of anything that is reality about it.